Jeffery Stevenson

Jeffery Stevenson

Database engineer/consultant, technology survivor, and writer of things both real and imagined… sometimes, Jeff yearns for the fun days of his youth admiring the girls from (way) afar at the public pool, programming games on the Commodore 64 and playing Spy Hunter, Ultima and D&D all night long.


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Writing Experience


  • writer/letterer on the Brat-halla webcomic (7 years, 450+ pages)
  • writer on Jim Valentino’s Task Force One (Shadowline/Image Comics, 4 issues)
  • co-writer/editor on BloodRayne: Skies Afire (Echo 3/Digital Webbing, one-shot)
  • writer/letterer on the Spook’d webcomic (2 years, 100+ pages)
  • writer/letter on Steampunk Faeries (self-published one-shot)
  • writer (work-for-hire) at Studio ICE
  • writer for various short stories appearing in Digital Webbing Presents (Arazel & Xarenia, Yin Yang [dialogue], Dungeon Bears: An 80s Parody, Arazel & Xarenia: This Adventure Stinks, Bob the Battleship, Spook’d, Brat-halla), Hero Happy Hour Super Special (Dynamic Duel), Even More Fund Comics (Arazel & Xarenia: Butter-frag), and Ted Noodleman: Bicycle Delivery Boy trade (Geektopia, The Detectives Grimm, The Detectives Grimm… Deja Vu)


  • Arazel & Xarenia (unsold spec screenplay; 2003 Austin Film Festival second rounder, 2003 Nicholl Fellowship top 6%)
  • Random Encounters (unsold spec screenplay; Winter 2005 A Feeding Frenzy honorable mention, 2005 Red Inkworks top 100, 2005 Screenwriting Expo top 25%)
  • The Mascot Fetish Ranch (2014 Screencraft Comedy quarterfinalist)


  • The Creative Adviser (Pop Syndicate) – click here for archive
  • The Art of Words (Scryptic Studios)
  • The Comicaze Report (self-published newsletter)
  • Breaking Out! (Digital Webbing)
  • Comic book reviews (Grayhaven Magazine)

Tech Experience

21+ years of paid work in the IT industry (and about 10+ years playing with computers and programming prior to that).  Primary area of expertise lies with Oracle databases as a database administrator/engineer, data modeler, data architect and occasional programmer.  Specializations include Oracle RAC, Oracle Streams, Linux/Unix systems, troubleshooting and performance tuning.  Also, over the years, worked with data warehousing, ETL programming (OWB, custom), MySQL, DB2, SQL Server, networking, SANs, Perl, PHP, C/C++, Java, and MUD/Commodore 64 game design/development (a bit rusty with that last skillset).

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