So, I was digging through some old roleplaying game folders and boxes when I stumbled across a fun idea for a webcomic.  Planning stages have begun, so there are lots of thoughts rolling around…

  • Do I want to do it as a lot of one-shots (that’s how the ideas started) or do I want to make it a series of campaigns (longer storylines)?
  • How many episodes should I complete before I put it up online?  My initial thought is 2 month’s worth to have a buffer, but it could depend on how long it takes me to create each episode.
  • What would be the best ways to promote a RPG-inspired webcomic?
  • Will the humor translate to people other than RPGers?
  • What should I fix for dinner tonight… ooo, and what’s for dessert?

See, it’s a pretty chaotic brainpan when you have a new idea.  A lot of it’s fluff stuff and I’ll jot it down to deal with later, but some of it is crucial to how I initially develop the idea.  Sure, with a webcomic, it’s easy to change directions later on, but it’s always a plus to your readers to be consistent from the beginning (something I learned the hard way the first time around).