Saturday, April 24th is the international 24-Hour Comics Day with 57 sites around the world playing host to comic creators attempting to create a 24-page comic (penciled, inked, and lettered) in just 24 hours. Austin has two locations hosting the event: Austin Books and Funny Papers. I’ll be participating at the Austin Books location with a lot of other people (over 60 people signed up and a definite 20 people confirmed). If you’re in the Austin area, and you’re curious about how comics get made, this is a good opportunity to see it all take place firsthand. Or come on by and enjoy the 20% discount on graphic novels/trade paperbacks from 11:59pm on Saturday until 7am on Sunday. Heck, come see how a room full of comic creators act after 24 hours with little sleep, lots of caffeine, and brains choked out by Sharpee fumes.

And you can pick up an official Brat-halla t-shirt while you’re there. ^_^