Sci Fi Wire is reporting (from their Hollywood insider source… Variety) that 30 Days of Night has a director. David Slade, known for directing… well, he doesn’t have a big resume. He directed Hard Candy, a psychological drama/thriller that was one of the 2005 Sundance films, and he also directed a Stone Temple Pilots video.

Interesting note… the article mentions that (according to Variety) no screenwriter has yet been hired. The last news I’d read mentioned Stuart Beattie was working on the screenplay. Beattie has done writing on Collateral, Spy Hunter, and other films including an as-yet-untitled Pang Brothers horror flick being produced by Raimi and Tapert’s Ghost House Pictures, which is also producing 30 Days of Night. IMDB Pro still has him listed on the project. But it could just be they haven’t officially hired him yet. Or they could be working with another screenwriter and just haven’t announced anything yet. Or any of numerous scenarios invovled in the great Hollywood shuffle.

Also, the IMDB Pro listing for 30 Days of Night has it listed as on the fast track for a 2006 release.