Just a quickie… a story quickie that is as two former noble professions tangle with one another. Enjoy!

He peered out of the darkness to find her standing there. The woman who deserved every bit of his attention. The very reason he went out tonight. Ivory skin softened under his gaze as a light powder of moonlight dusted her features. Long legs, striking hips, powerful back… he took careful study of her athletic physique before pulling out his instrument. It wasn’t a bulky, crude piece but leaner… more precise… yet still felt heavy in his grasp. He let his fingertips glide over the length of it as his mind fantacized over the moment to come.

He could feel her heart pound as he pulled her body close to his. A gasp as he slid the instrument into her. Warm and wet, her body quivered as he drove deeper inside. He’d pull her closer still until the salty aroma of perspiration rolled off her neck and across his senses. He would cherish the moment as it builds racing stronger and faster within her. A scream at her lips… a crescendo never let loose as her intense feelings come grinding to a halt.

He tosses her aside. His job is done. He’s had his pleasure.

He’ll leave the mess for someone else to clean up.