Just sitting here on my 3+ hour layover (don’t ask why I have a 3 hour layover ’cause if I told you then I’d have to bore you) and taking notice of some of the technology hanging around in this waiting area.

  • One other person like me is typing away on a netbook.
  • Six people have out laptops.
    • Two of those laptops are giant screen ones… plastic briefcases stuffed with circuits, lcd and components.
  • Two people playing on Nintendo DS systems.
  • One person using a PSP.  I don’t think she’s playing games though.  Looks more like she’s watching a movie.  The fact I was able to deduce that makes me feel slightly stalkerish.  So… moving on…
  • Twelve people are typing feverishly on their phones.  Texting or tweeting something like "OMGWTFPDA!!!  Some guy with a netbook at the airport is totally stalking me and I’m not even trying to draw attention to myself!"
    • Surprisingly, only five of these people have iPhones/smartphones.
  • Six people are listening to iPods or an equivalent mp3 player.
    • A few of those (like me and my Sansa) are also utilizing other technology.
  • Twenty-four people are reading books, newspapers or magazines.
    • All using old school paper-n-ink technology.  Not a single Kindle or ebook reader among them.
  • Not technology-related but added out of curiosity… nine people are taking a between flight nap.

My wife sent me a link to this game after a conversation I started when we were planning out landscaping for our yard (I wanted a defensive perimeter capable of holding back the hordes of the zombiepocalypse).  I though about buying this game after playing the free trial, but it has mucho "lost time" potential ("It can’t be 7am… I haven’t gone to bed yet.").  Not always the best thing for a writer (but the hour I played of it was fun).

I was reminded of this video when I saw Star Trek last weekend at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin.  The Drafthouse doesn’t run your standard movie theater advertising/promos before showings… they run a lot of video clips with some connection to the movie in some way.  Star Trek had old sci-fi movie trailers, original Star Trek episodes (edited down for comedic effect), and other stuff like this piece I’d encountered (read: rolled an 01 on the random encounter chart) in younger days:

The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins

Entertaining and horrifying at the same time… welcome to a frighteningly fun Friday here.