From a recent interview with Rachel McAdams (Mean Girls, The Notebook, Wedding Crashers, and Wes Craven’s Red Eye):

How about something a little lighter for you the next time, like a comic-book character?

RM: Ah yes, Thundercats was on this morning! I would love to play Cheetara. I haven’t heard anything about an actual movie, but let me know! I’m so into graphic novels lately. I should look for one. Some of them are quite romantic. They make these really beautiful comic novels, and they’re so dark and twisted.

The girl has a Teen Choice award for Best Liplock, reads dark and twisted graphic novels, wants to run around a movie set in spandex, and has been previously quoted as saying:

“I want to try a lot of things that I haven’t tried. You know, I did a thriller [Red-Eye] after this, because it was so different and it was a genre I hadn’t worked in yet. Then I did a beautiful family ensemble drama. And next? I don’t know. I might go off to do a small independent in New York. I’m not sure. The quality of material is important, but, basically, I’m open to anything. I like to stay open to anything.”

Thunder… Thunder… Thundercats… nah, she’s just too cute to go there.

Thanks to Tom Spurgeon for the link.