Just catching up on some blogging now that I’ve gotten a chunk of writing and coding out of the way. For the coding, check my Comic Book Headlines website (looks mostly the same except WW Chicago and San Diego Comicon 2007 listings have been added… and there were lots of behind-the-scenes changes to set it up for adding some new features in the near future) and keep an eye out for some neat changes for the Brat-halla webcomic (new character pages and well… something special). For the writing I’ve been working on… it’s a secret, so you’ll just have to be patient. ^_^

Other things from this week: put together new t-shirt designs for Thor and Hod from Brat-halla (since we just hit 200 episodes of the webcomic this past week), researched lots (and lots) of mythological beings for the Pantheon Games arc of Brat-halla (for nearly 60 deities and creatures possibly making an appearance in the webcomic), added an extra 30 minutes to my workout routine, took my son to see Transformers, and met a waitress whose parents named her after the porn star featured in the movie they were watching the night she was conceived (sometimes I think writers project an aura capable of bringing weird stuff to them).

Rambly time…

• Cloverfield? Yeah, I saw the trailer before Transformers. Yeah, It’s gone viral. Yeah, the marketing is definitely ramping up the intrigue value. But why am I mentioning it? Cause after the trailer, my son looked at me and said, “That was scary, dad. And it was spooky.” In fact, I was chatting with my wife about it when I got home, and he jumped in with, “And it’s got a giant monster.” Never saw a monster in the trailer. Never mentioned a monster to him. But there was enough hints to make him think it was one. There’s all this conjecture of it being Gojira or Voltron (which hasn’t even started production yet… but it does have Robeasts) or some Lovecraftian inspired tale of Cthulu. But when my son mentioned a giant monster without seeing one in the movie, I tried to think of what he’s watched that has giant monsters in it. One show came to mind immediately, and thinking about it, the concept could really catch these Internet sleuths and theorists by surprise…

…live action Powerpuff Girls. ^_^

• Cool thing to note: Alamo Draft House (Lake Creek) playing clips from the original Transformers movie before the show started.

• Cool thing to note #2: My son reciting the lines being spoken in those clips from memory (he’s watched that movie a few dozen times at least).

Skinwalkers. Whether they be Norse skinwalkers or Native American ones… they’re technically not werewolves. I’ll go into more detail on that subject here on the blog later (I have a lengthy yet half-written post about the subject from when I first heard about this movie over a year ago).

• Cool thing to note #3: San Diego Comicon… less than three weeks away.