As soon as I started work on coding something, someone sends me a link to a program that might work. I’m running it through its paces though. The program is PostNuke, and it looks like it might be flexible enough to handle what I’m looking for…with a little tweaking that is. ^_^

On Friday, July 25th, the Alamo Draft House will be featuring a Dracula Night hosted by Jason Henderson, writer of the new Image Comics series, Sword of Dracula. If you’re in Austin, and you like vampires and comics, this will be an event to check out.

Bob the battleship.
The very friendly battleship.
He does backflips.
He takes us on trips.
He’s Booooo-oooooob…the battleship.

And my crazy comic story about a battleship kiddie show host that loses it on the set one day will be in stores in August (via Digital Webbing Presents #10).

Finally…since I’m still working on getting my current scripts section updated (and adding my new screenplays section), here’s a little sample–the opening sequence of my Arazel & Xarenia screenplay (it’s in pdf format). Enjoy!