Headed up to the Dallas Comicon 2.0 this weekend just to meet people. George over at Herorealm.com helped hook me up with a guest pass and so far the con’s been a lot of fun. I’ll work on writing up a more in-depth coverage on the con when I get home tomorrow.

Also, I’ve seen some great work from some artists that have used my 3x3x3 scripts for their portfolios. Scott Story who did a great job on the Arazel & Xarenia story in Digital Webbing Presents #6 tackled my Iron Man script…you can see the great job he did on it here under the Iron Man test plot. Also, Sengkry Chhour did some nice work on the Spider-Man script. You can see those pages here. Now I mentioned to Sengkry that I’d get some CrossGen 3x3x3 scripts up on the site, so I’m going to work on getting those updated to the site this week (along with a few others).

And tomorrow, I’ll probably catch up on getting archived articles from my Breaking Out! column loaded into the database.