Though you enforce your rule on our mortal lives with an iron pocketwatch, I beseech thee to show leniency to this poor fool who thought he could skirt your boundaries… who thought he could make more time to catch up on things that had fallen behind.

It seemed sound at the time to do multiple things concurrently to utilize time more efficiently, but once again, you have shown me it’s a fools quest.  Any little thing can break the stream and leave tasks tumbling over each other into a morass of lost effort and even increasing the time spent to accomplish the work needed to be done.

As I struggle to correct one thing, time slips away from everything else causing a temporal dogpile of work to dig myself out of.  Buried deeper and deeper until I can no longer keep up.

So I call out to you, oh Lords of Time.  I call out to tell you I’m giving up on time.  I will begin a time fasting–giving up on this whole illusion of seconds and minutes and hours.  It’s all just mystical hocus pocus to me know and I plan on ignoring it all.  For the extent of this fast, I’ll do things as I need to and as I see fit with no consequences of time burdening me.

"How long with that take you to complete?"

"However long it takes me."

"But… how long will that be?"

"When it’s done."

"When can I expect it to be done?"

"When I tell you it’s done."

Like most fasts, this is just a cleansing technique to clear my head of deadlines and worries and being repressed by Time itself.  It won’t last long…

… or will it?  I’m not sure… it’s hard to say when you’re not keeping track of time.