From the European Space Agency, comes an intriguing tale of speed…and green…and green speed…in a white race car.

And talk about being a green car…fueled by liquified petroleum gas, lubricated with sunflower oil, and insulated by a heat wrapping material normally used in Ariane launchers (the space age wrapping prevents the 1832 degree (F) exhaust system from overheating the engine and/or igniting any minor gas leaks that might occur in the engine).

And since it’s the Space Agency designing this car, they also added in some extras like an Ariane thermal shield to protect the fuel tank in case of a fire…a fuel tank constructed of a special lightweight titanium…and even automated internal fire extinguishers. It’s an environmentally friendly space car. I can see the TV spinoff now…”Tune in next time to Space Car as our vehicular hero takes on the misguided Industrial Pollution Monger!”

And I hope everyone’s enjoying these educational snippets called the “Education Rebellion.” I’m trying to get them back on track for the weekdays here at the site, and I’m thinking about doing a different theme each week (maybe I’ll take suggestions for the themes). The theme this week turned out to be…speed (of course). I’ll kick off another one on Monday…until then, you’ll just have to self-educate (don’t worry, it’s perfectly legal).