I took a quick glance from my hiding spot. Its teeth glistened in the midday sun and took on a surreal appearance–a madcap grin stretched too far. As I took another peek, I could see its horns rising skyward. There were too many of them, and they were arranged in too odd of a pattern. It was unnatural, but the morbid fascination pulled me out of hiding and drew me closer. At my approach, it let out a banshee wail that raked the length of my spine like dozens of tiny claws. I froze. Didn’t blink. Didn’t breath. Didn’t move. And its cries just grew louder and faster as they fought their way past the fringes of my sanity. Sweat and fear began to blur my vision as a voice called out to me over the cacophony that clashed at my ears.

"Hey kid, it’s just a calliope."