Looks like the courts reversed the reversal of the reversal of the…well, you get the idea. Tony Twist and Todd McFarlane have been at this legal battle for years now, and for some reason, it keeps going back-and-forth. At least the damages are less than the initial ruling by about $9.5 million…but I’m sure some of that savings went to legal fees, and I’m sure it’ll be appealed again.

This isn’t the first time the “Twist” has plagued someone with problems.

…in a way, The Twist really ruined my life. I was on my way to becoming a big nightclub performer, and The Twist just wiped it out. –Ernest Evans aka Chubby Checker

Maybe if Tony wins, Chubby Checker’ll jump in on the legal action claiming that the hockey player’s violent reputation is tarnishing the good image of his song. But then, I don’t really think he cares that much about it. But it’d be funny to see his Twistin’ songs mixed into a video with the court proceedings as the courts “twist again like we did last summer. Yeah, let’s twist again like with did last year.”