11 days and counting, and I still haven’t broken down and purchased Half-life 2. A long while back, I went from being an every night gamer to quitting pretty much cold turkey to further pursue writing…and I still feel the pangs of withdrawal from time-to-time. I miss the fun and the thrill of gaming, but I really wanted to get my writing rolling (and I had to sacrifice gaming to make that happen).

So now, I’m putting in a lot of extra time to get ahead with my writing and working out a schedule that can accommodate all that writing and a little bit of gaming. Probably within the next month, I’ll make a non-dramatic, non-impressive return to the gaming world…where I’ll probably get gibbed, fragged, and headshotted about 50 times in the first ten minutes. And with some practice, I’m sure I can work my way up to gaming mediocrity once more.