Below is a press release from GeekPunk…Dan Taylor’s a great guy, and even though HHH is going on hiatus, I know he’ll still be out there writing, and hopefully, he’ll still make it to some conventions this year. Good luck Dan and Chris–you put out a fun book, and I hope things work out for the both of ya!


Costa Mesa, CA – February 23, 2005 – GeekPunk, the independent comic book publishers of the critically acclaimed and fan favorite superhero comedy comic book Hero Happy Hour, regrets to announce that the title is now on a temporary hiatus for an undetermined amount of time.

Due to unforeseeable circumstances, GeekPunk and the creative team of Dan Taylor and Chris Fason will temporarily be unable to publish future issues of Hero Happy Hour. “Unfortunately,” Hero Happy Hour writer and co-creator Dan Taylor states,“ both Chris Fason, artist and co-creator, and I have experienced life changing events – both good and bad – that have forced us to forfeit our independent self-publishing efforts.”

Taylor adds, “I want to express the most sincere gratitude to every reader that took a chance on us by picking up a copy of our comic book, to the loyal readers that stood behind the title and helped spread the word, and to the helpful people within the comic book industry: writers, artists, publishers, and distributors that stood in our corner and backed us up. We will forever be in your debt.”

“I’d like to say thank you to everyone that has supported Hero Happy Hour and GeekPunk,” says Hero Happy Hour artist and co-creator Chris Fason. “Hero Happy Hour is not ending and GeekPunk will continue. Unfortunately, due to life circumstances involving family and a real money job, I am unable to continue as HHH’s regular artist. It’s not fair to you as fans or Dan as my collaborator to say that I am going to try and do a bi-monthly or even a quarterly book when I know that I am unable. Making comics is truly a great experience and joy that I share with Dan and on some level; I plan to keep making them. Comics take a lot of love and time when you’re just starting out, and though I have plenty of love I just don’t allow myself the time to produce the volume necessary to be a part of a regularly scheduled book. Again, thanks to everyone for all the support and kind words and thanks to Dan for helping make at least one goal a reality.”

While Hero Happy Hour may be on hiatus, the property is far from over according to Taylor. “While there is no current time schedule set, my plans are to re-launch Hero Happy Hour as a comic book once again as soon as I possibly can, in addition to other projects that I am currently working on. I’m in the process of looking for a new artist to take on Chris Fason’s art chores. Also, finding another publisher to help deliver the title on a more regular basis is also a definite possibility. Hero Happy Hour will find its way back onto comic book store shelves and into the hands of readers looking for a fun alternative to superhero comic books.” Plans also continue to move forward regarding the Hero Happy Hour property as a possible animated television series.

Hero Happy Hour #5 “Reality Shots” and the 2004 Hero Happy Hour Super Special, both published in the summer of 2004 are not the last that readers will see of the regular gang of superheroes that hang out at The Hideout Bar & Grill. Digital Webbing Presents #22, to be published by Digital Webbing in March 2005 (Diamond Code: NOV04 2610) will feature the first full color story written by Dan Taylor with art by Chris Fason and Ralph Hédon. Also, the Hero Happy Hour back-up story entitled “I Thought This Place Had a Cellar” by Josh Fialkov and Scott Keating that was originally scheduled to appear in the cancelled Hero Happy Hour #6 will now be appearing in the Free Comic Book Day issue of Mortal Coils Presents Free Bodies FCBD Edition by Caption Box.

“The last two and a half years have been amazing,” says Taylor. “Again, I want to thank everyone who helped play a part in making the dreams of two guys who had no idea what they were doing in achieving their dream of publishing a comic book. I owe each and every one of you a drink. Cheers. And, keep an eye out for the return of Hero Happy Hour.”

About GeekPunk

First and foremost, GeekPunk is a publisher of comic books. We could be called small press, self-published, or independent. But, we prefer the term guerrilla publishers. Formed in order to publish the comic book Hero Happy Hour, GeekPunk hopes to continue to publish additional issues of Hero Happy Hour in the future as well as producing and publishing other entertaining comic books for those looking for something different. For additional information visit the GeekPunk web site at