Yay! I can finally update my site again (minor technical issues).

This last weekend, I had a table at the Lone Star Comic Show and met a lot of great people. For Free Comic Book Day at the con, I gave out copies of Digital Webbing Presents #8 with my 5-page Dungeon Bears: An 80s Parody story inside. I spent a lot of time talking with some local creators from the Houston area, reviewing some portfolios, and chatting with the people from Half-Ass Publishing that were pushing their first book, Some Big Lumberjack. Overall, a fun little show…I’m gonna try to get to the one in September (so, WizardWorld Chicago in August, Lone Star Show in September, the Austin Film Festival in October, and WizardWorld Texas in November…looks like it’ll be a busy end of the year).

And one last note…if you notice anything odd with the web pages over the next few weeks…well, I’m trying to redo sections of the site (so it’s probably just me screwing things up). ^_^