Well, time for an update. I managed to get up to Mid-Ohio Con last weekend, and that turned out to be a lot of fun. I met lots of great people (indy/small press creators, professional creators, and fans), helped out at the Digital Webbing table and even got my “Breaking Out!” newsletter into the hands of a few aspiring creators (a newsletter on submitting to companies and getting your name out there…it also has a list of 32 small press/indy publishers that accept submissions from creators). The Laughing Ogre pre-con party was great…food, drinks, live music, and lots of great company and it led perfectly into a weekend that was exciting and (aside from some hangovers) charged with enthusiasm and energy. Even though it’s not quite as big as the other cons, it was well worth the experience.

As for the site, I had planned on finishing up the coding for my new comic script pages while I was up there, but I wound up not having internet access…but I did get it finished today (so check it out). As I get more features coded into it, you’ll see more stuff added (like the characters, synopsis, and all the extra sections), but for now, it’s functional and you can read some of my sample scripts (more of which will be added soon).