Task Force 1, the book I’ve been writing for Jim Valentino over at Image Comics is now available.

Created by Jim Valentino, Task Force 1 features artwork by Comic Book Idol II winner and former ShadowHawk artist, Carlos Rodriguez with colors by Joel Seguin and letters by Jason “Jaco” Hanley.

Here are some comments about Task Force 1:

“…everyone buy his book TASK FORCE ONE when it comes out… I seriously am telling you it’s very very good!” –Gail Simone (Birds of Prey, Secret Six, The All New Atom)

“It’s a summer blockbuster movie in a comic book. Definitely on our “must list”. –Sharp Brothers

“I know it’s a soldier story, but geez, the blood starts on the 2nd page, and keeps gushing.” –luna (from the semi-secret Shadowline clubhouse out in the ether)

If it weren’t for the fact that f***er shot me in the wrist with a nail gun, I’d buy this book in a heartbeat. –what one of my buddies from my military days will probably say about this book when he hears about it

You can check out 10 pages of issue #1 here (well, 9 pages plus the inside front cover) and 5 pages of issue #2 here. For even more information, links to interviews with the creative team at Newsarama and Comic Book Resources are also available at those links.

To read about the soldiers of tomorrow today, you can pick up a copy of the first issue of Task Force 1 at fine comic retailers everywhere. To find a retailer near you, check the Comic Shop Locator Service online or call 1-888-COMIC BOOK.