Well, I’m at a new day job now and getting past the spinup period… so it’s time to get blogging again. The new job requires a lot of travel, and since I spend a decent chunk of time just hanging around airports each week, I figured I’d test out some apps for blogging from my Treo (which is what I’m posting from now).

Travel… is actually a lot of fun. I get to meet a lot of people (I get a lot more interaction with others in this job), and I get to visit exotic locales like Cleveland (aside from the weather, it was nicer than expected) and… Omaha (it was flat, dusty and the speed limits felt really slow to me). I also made it to the very scenic Colorado Springs, and the view of the mountains was invigorating and inspiring (and surprisingly, the 24-hour drive-thru taco shack wasn’t that bad).

Look for more chronicles from various parts of the country (working on adding some pictures to posts in the future), and if anyone has any recommendations for good comic shops and places to eat in their areas, pop on over to the contact page and let know.

Next week… Atlanta.