So, this Watchmen screenwriter sent out an open letter for people to watch the movie again.  Even though I loved the comic book, I haven’t gone out to see it yet.  I was eager to check it out as the  release date drew nearer, but then I did a crazy thing… I re-read the story.  And I remembered what I loved about it so much.

The best thing about Watchmen (the comic) for me was its magical quality of discovery.  When I first read it, it took me a long time to get through the story.  I would read and read and then I’d discover something.  It would always be one of those little eureka moments where you see a connection in the story and flip back through the pages… and the story… the world of The Watchmen expands in your mind’s eye.  And as I read that previous sequence again with my new insight, it would change right before my eyes.

The power those little moments held… how they could change other parts of the story so drastically… was enthralling.  I’m sure the movie will have stunning effects and capture some of the more powerful moments of the comic, but I don’t think it can capture that kind of magic.  And even if it could, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it onscreen the same way I could in print. Maybe rewinding the DVD… nah, probably still not the same.

So, I’m still on the fence about going to see it.  I might have to go just to keep up my comic book geek cred.  Or I could just re-read the actual comic book again.