Out there in the Twitterverse, @cracksh0t threw down the gauntlet by telling everyone to post a Watchmen 2 pitch and squash the rumors of a sequel/prequel by flooding the Interwebs with ideas for it (under the #watchmen2pitch hashtag).  I decided to answer the challenge and this is what I posted out there… except it was in 140 character chunks and a bit more unwieldy to read.

After Veidt opens Jon’s eyes to the humanity still inside him, that humanity steals a foothold within Jon’s subconscious.  It sets forth to bring Jon back to the world of man by subtly reversing the changes that made him a god amongst men.  As Jon makes one of his regular visits to Earth to keep humanity united under the de facto rule of Veidt the world’s military forces strike and for the first time, Jon realizes his power is weakening.

Hurt and unable to escape Earth now, he sends a summons to his former allies–Silk Spectre, Nite Owl and a man watching the event from a mental hospital dayroom. A delusional man with suppressed memories who appeared on the doorstep of the hospital the same moment Rorschach died.  Jon’s summons drops a familiar mask into this man’s hands thus releasing Rorschach’s memories to set him loose upon the world once more.  The team reunites at Jon’s location just as Veidt takes off with Jon as his prisoner to learn how to make Jon’s power his.

The Watchmen search and fight against a world controlled mostly by Veidt Enterprises in order to save Jon but in the end, through the machinations of Rorschach, Jon sacrifices himself to reveal the truth about Veidt and allow a subjugated world the chance to reclaim their freedom once more.

Let’s see how much fun I can have this week with these pitches.