Finally read a bit more on the Tarantino/Friday the 13th rumblings (via my sub to the Hollywood Reporter), and noticed a few interesting tidbits tossed into the mix.

New Line tried to make a sequel to “Freddy vs. Jason” involving the “Evil Dead” character Ash, but a deal with “Dead” rights holder Sam Raimi couldn’t be reached.

For my earlier thoughts on this topic, check out my post in the old Dark Ramblings blog. And it had so much potential.

Another tidbit from this that I totally missed earlier (probably because the news hit the week after I was sick and was trying to catch up with everything at work)…

The WMA-repped filmmaker recently signed on to direct the season finale of CBS’ “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Since that’s one of the few shows my wife and I watch regularly, I won’t have to go out of my way to see what Tarantino does with it.