Well, my good friend Marty (aka ravendarke from the previous Dark Ramblings blog) started up a team blog called Stupidity Reigns, which will point out examples of stupidity in the media and real life. It’s one thing to point out stupidity, but it’s another to take action and do something about it. Each night, I’m gonna gather up bits of educational material as a counter-point to their daily onslaught of stupidity coverage…to educate the masses. Of course if you’re reading this, you’re probably already too smart to fall under their ever-vigilante eye, so enjoy the educational tidbits anyways.

Stupidity Reign’s first post! … DarkOra’s first post!
Stupidity Reign’s Igorance kills. … DarkOra’s IgorANCe.
Stupidity Reign’s hamburgers. … DarkOra’s hamburgers.