Been out of it today… recovering.  Enjoying nap time to get my strength back up.  Naps though can lead to odd encounters in your subconscious.  Not deep enough into sleep to hit a full dreaming state, but still out enough to get some dream-like input from your brain.  None of it really makes sense and just seems downright weird.

Unless you’re a writer.

Then it all gets jotted down for use later.  I’m sure there’s some meaning behind all the images and connections that form during these surreal moments caught between sleep and reality.  But damned if I’m going to mention them to my wife after she just got a degree in psychology.  She’s analyzed me enough during all those years of working toward the degree.

But still… I wouldn’t mind figuring out where they came from and how these snippets formed the way they did as they floated along lazily into my brain jellies.  Yes, I’m Curiosity’s bitch and she’s gunning for me.  I mean there’s gotta be something in the span of my psychological awareness to spurn the likes of…

So, there I am.  Surfing a large wave made of used laser printer toner cartridges.  And my surfboard’s a taco.  No tomatoes.  Extra cheese.  Crispy (yet nicely waxed) taco shell.

Odd thing was… my wife came home and wanted to grab Taco Bell for lunch.  Good thing my semi-dream state was projecting the taco and not the toner cartridges.