Yeah, it’s that kind of night. Having the Austin Film Festival and the Game Writers/Developers Conference back-to-back like that slowed me down a bit because I had to catch back up with the day job afterwards. I also encountered a rare technical problem with all the writing I did between panels at the conferences… had my sync software setup to push down to my Dana (pda with a full-sized keyboard and 24-hour battery life) to force newer versions of some files down to my pda before the conference, but I forgot to change the setting back prior to syncing up my writing from the conference. Oh well… crap like that happens, and that’s why I’m up late writing tonight to get caught back up (it’s all still in my brain… just gotta take the time to type it all out again).

So, I’ve been writing for a couple hours straight now on one project (secret comic project… more on that when I can say more) and just needed a break to some different kind of writing for a bit to let things process subconsciously while I think about other things. Plus, it gives me a chance to post a few updates.

• The Game Writers Conference was fun. How much fun? Well, I need to polish up my writer resume. ^_^ And there was lots of useful information presented (and pried from the panelists with a snazzy questioning crowbar). It was also nice running into some old friends (like Sword of Dracula’s Jason Henderson) at the show. Looks like turnout and interest were high enough for them to continue the conference next year. If you have any interest in writing for games, you might want to give the conference a visit next year.

• Got to see the Xbox360 in action. Looked nice and smooth when I was watching someone playing King Kong wrestling a T-Rex.

Worldwide D&D Game Day is this Saturday. Seth and I were working on a new project to roll out this Saturday for it (and then ongoing during the weekdays from then on)… unfortunately, it’s been delayed due to the other project I’m working on. One of the reasons I’m up late tonight is to get caught up on that other project and have time this week to finalize the webpage coding for this new project. I guess in a worst-case scenario, I can post the first installment in the blog here (but I’d prefer having everything up-and-running before launch).

• Do you read that nice little Image comic book, Small Gods? Thought about it but never got around to picking it up? Well, if you get a chance, try to grab a copy of issue #11 that made it onto the shelves just last week. Then take a look at the back cover… created by none other than the Brat-halla/Spook’d/Arazel & Xarenia/Dark Rhythms/Steampunk Faeries team of Seth and me. We probably had too much fun working on that, and we were glad to help out Jason, Juan, Kris, and Kep over at Small Gods.

• Milestone: Our Brat-halla webcomic reached episode #100 today. That’s one hundred weekly episodes without missing a single week. Here’s to many, many more. In a few weeks, we’ll be hitting our 2-year anniversary at the ‘Shoot. I’ll probably drop the head honcho over there an email to see about holding a contest. For a free t-shirt or poster or… we’ll think of something. Keep an eye out for it.

• Stephen King… Dark Tower series… Marvel Comics. Hmmm? It’s interesting to see the timing on things some time. Announcement for Dark Tower going to a serialized format in comics (hmmm… could it be serialized for TV? I guess a comic would be a good way to show them it could.) hits shortly after it’s announced that King’s Creepshow is getting remade (the movie that took you into the pages of an EC-style comic… and then had an actual comic published afterwards by King and Wrightson). Well, sometimes the timing just works its way out in odd ways… and sometimes you wonder if there’s a rhyme-and-reason to it. Hmmm…