For each dark day, there comes a light. The dark times will come. There’s no doubt about that. Pain, sorrow, pettiness, betrayal, misfortune, and loss will cross every living soul’s path at some time in their life. But those dark spirits can never overwhelm you… if you know the secret.

For each dark day, there comes a light. The darkness of mankind flees before the light. It lifts their spirits and illuminates the joyous things in life. But you don’t have to wait for the light. You shouldn’t have to wait for the light. Just like a darkened room, you can light it up with the flick of a switch.

And just like the light bulb in the room, the source of the light is already there. You just need to flip the switch. Sure, those dark spirits take their toll on you. They dance upon the emotional strings of your soul… wearing you out… breaking you down. It’s okay. Let those feelings out and take away their power.

They will always hold sway over you if you resist them. The very act of resistance gives them value. It fortifies their position. It gathers those feelings in greater numbers building an army to entrench them deep within. It keeps your darker side active, and it allows them to hide the light from you.

And the light doesn’t have to be anything spectacular to be effective. It’s a means for providing hope. A beacon. A reminder of what you have to be positive for. It can be a kind smile, a child’s laugh, a friend’s hug. It can be fond memories from the past, plans for the future. It can be anything that lightens your mood, anything that gives you a sign, “The dark days are done.”

You can’t be denied these things. They’re already there whether you accept them or not. There to give you hope… to give you the energy to move on. When the dark times appear to be at their worst, seek out the light. It’ll be there… I’ve had my fair share of dark times, and I’ve always managed to find the light. To get past those dark days and enjoy my life again.