It’s a busy week for me, but I wanted to get an update out here with some miscellania.

Links to more Comic-Con reports (courtesy of the Comics Reporter).

Pulse is getting a message board upgrade. Might have to fix my Comic Headlines program after they get done, but you’ll still get the updates from the other comic news sites. And if anyone hadn’t noticed yet, there are some new features over in the Comic Headlines section: RSS feed and an events section where you can hit the archive of the SDCC 2005 news links and visit the newly created Wizard World Chicago 2005 news page (just look for the link at the top or the “event news feeds” dropdown under the calendar).

• Seth and I will be at Wizard World Chicago next week. Table 9193 in Artist Alley (I believe it’s in the new Artist Alley section). Stop by and ask us about our Steampunk Faeries book (available at Chicago).

• Science time!

The FDA approved a pacemaker-like implant that sends electric shocks through the vagus nerve to the brain to stimulate the region of the brain that regulates mood. The device is being used as a new therapy for severe depression.

Ultra-lifelike android.

What’s it like living on a big radioactive mudball?

“And I’ll form the head!”