Medical science has developed a future source of revenue for the online porn community. A device that can relay an artificial sense of touch anywhere in the world. Sure, they’re using it for a good medical purpose right now, but you know someone’s thinking about using the technology to take cyber-sex to the next level. Truly interactive DVDs. Online shows where the audience can actually lay back and really enjoy the show. Or even a tool used to keep relationships strong (a couple separated by distance due to work or other circumstances would be able to spend some intimate time with each other).

Source: New Scientist news service

Clive Barker… IDW. Looks like IDW will be publishing a bunch of Clive Barker’s comic projects for the foreseeable future. Could be interesting. I’ll have to keep an eye on what shows up from that.

Source: Newsarama

Video gamers may have quicker eyes. Uhhh… really? You mean all that practice staring at a TV/monitor hour upon hour and day after day, scanning your environment, and evading/targeting small objects as quickly as possible might actually improve your reaction time and visual abilities? Yeah, it seems like this is one of those crazy research projects just to do a study on something that seems so obvious, but they do have a reason for the research… to see if video games could be used to help rehabilitate the brain when it falters (due to stroke, old age, etc).

Source: Reuters

And on the flip side… games and violence again. Research on whether violent games prime the brain for violence. At least, they do admit, “But finding out whether it is the games that make them violent or the violence that attracts them to the games has proved much harder.” I used to play a lot of games, and a lot of violent, shooty games. But… one of my primary reasons for it was to relieve stress. Bad day at work? Blow up some things to get that out of my system, so it isn’t buried deep percolating and waiting for an opportune moment. I’d go to work the next day, and I’d be fine. No aggression… no problems. Sure, I might get a little frustrated and cuss at the screen during the game (especially if I’m in the middle of a good game and lost my connection), but after the game, I’d be fine. I’m sure there are others like me… where does that lead their research? Would we be an exception to the rule or would that exception be the people that express aggressiveness after gaming?

Source: New Scientist news service

• I haven’t seen it yet, but apparently, BloodRayne: Skies Afire (original printing) is listed at $28 in the new Wizard price guide. Hehe… anyone need a copy? ^_^

• And derived from a Warren Ellis tradition of breaking down some stats for his website, here are a few of the interesting search terms that brought people to the site last month: “giantess”, “lesbian girls”, “cosplay tights”, and “frank miller”. ^_^