Part of my New Year’s resolutions was to increase my writing.  I’ve been writing lots of stuff behind-the-scenes for months now… working on my screenwriting, scripting some graphic novels (the easy part… I get to go artist hunting later this year for them), and dink-dunking away at one of those not-so-graphic novels (though there is some "graphic" content).

All productive in the end, true.  But very tucked away… hidden.  If I were a marketer, I’d be kicking myself in the ass and saying, "Son, look at all those good words going to waste."  Sure, they’re not finished, but unseen is unknown.  Unknown is unreliable.  Unreliable is unsold.

Side note: I wasn’t sure unsold was a real word the first time I ever typed it but turns out it is.  What kind of hyper-positive la-la land was I in when the word "unsold" never crossed my mind as a writer.  And how do I get back there?

So, I decided my additional writing would be out in the open.  Fifteen minutes a day.  Unfiltered (scary).  Unedited (scarier).  Unthinking (actually, not quite as scary).  Timer go and write.  That’s what this post is the start of.  Every day this year, Monday through Friday, you’ll catch me here.  Writing something.

  • Micro-fiction… absolutely.
  • Self-motivational rants… very possible.
  • Crazy ideas I’m too chicken to take to market… signs point to yes.
  • Science and educational topics… my kids would be disappointed if I didn’t.
  • Sample scripts… I do SOC detangling of small sections of behind-the scene stories in my journal, so why not here?
  • Movies, comics, sports, music and many things loosely and/or widely considered entertainment… they do tend to preoccupy portions of my mind when I least expect it (read: when trying to get work done… so it’s actually totally expected).

And that’s it for the first 15 minute blog on the first Monday of 2011.  What are you gonna do this year?