Been swamped at the day job lately (and keeping in touch with my sister and her family in Houston during the hurricane), so I wanted to get some quick commentary on the blog to let people know I’m still alive.

• Well, I’m sure there are some writers around here… ever wondered about writing video games? Well, at the end of October, there’s the Game Writers Conference here in Austin. Earlybird (aka the save a few bucks type) registration ends September 30th. Looks like it should be fun with people from Microsoft, Valve, Ubisoft, NCSoft, and Midway.

• Didn’t get much here in Austin from Hurricane Rita except some wind and a flood of evacuees. A lot of school districts around here were closed the Friday before it hit the coast because they were hosting evacuees and the number of parked cars in my neighborhood nearly doubled. About half the people in my office were playing host to family and friends from the coast. So, there were a lot of extra mouths to feed in Austin… and a lot of bare shelves in the grocery stores.

Spook’d: Survivin’ wrapped up last week, and we just kicked off the next storyline… a parody of COPS starring Van Helsing.

Brat-halla #95 came out this week. 95 weeks straight without missing a weekly update… and #100 is right around the corner.

Over at the Sci-fi Wire (and a few other places), they mention that the Spidey 3 movie villains will be Sandman and Venom. But… what about the clones? ^_^

• Well, if it walks like a man, it’s gotta be a… molecule?