After years of writing down notes on various conversations overheard (for reference for writing dialogue), you’ll get some stuff that just gives you a good chuckle when you read over it again. Well, I recently went through some of my old dialogue notes for fun, and here’s a quick highlight reel…

• “Quit trying to light my panties on fire.”

• “Yeah right, and I bet Bill Gates is a raging ball of testosterone, too.”

• “There’s a nipple print in my danish.”

• “What are you worried about? It’s not like a gun’ll kill you or anything.”

• “It’s not so much the drunk talkin’ as it is the ‘I don’t f***ing care’ speakin’ up.”

• “We can’t use this pool table. It’s tainted.”

• “Dude, you stink of rejection.”

• “What’s my plan for the night? Drinking til my liver chokes and waking up tomorrow in a bed next to something not plant, animal, or male.”

• “This movie sucks, but it still rocks. It socks!”