Okay, so it’s not quite that dramatic. If you keep track of the latest comic book news through my Comic Headlines page, you might have noticed that the Newsarama headlines haven’t been showing up for a while. And you might have noticed a lot of Newsarama headlines just showed up this morning. Finally tracked down the problem and got it fixed.

Been working on a lot of code lately for a few special projects… some of it you’ve seen samples of with the updated “About Jeff” and “About Seth” sections and the Task Force 1 preview. The rest will be revealed in time…

Now for the other quick stuff:

Take Back Memorial Day. Please take the time to honor the fallen this Memorial Day. From the first patriot to die for this country’s independence to the current victims of IEDs overseas. From the support personnel caught by sniper fire to the combat medic dying to save another. To every jarhead, grunt, squid, and zoomie that lost a life in the service of their country.

• Yes, I’m affected by the Veteran Administration’s data breach. And so is my wife. And my friends. But not my mom (she was discharged before 1976). There’s a chance nothing will happen, but if you’re a veteran and worried about it, you can find some helpful tips in this article at the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. The quickest and easiest thing to do is to call one of the three credit reporting agencies (numbers are listed in the article) and establish a fraud alert on your account. That’ll make sure that any company requesting credit will need to call you first.

Underwater Counter-terrorism Training

• From an article where Ames Laboratory researchers detect secret files lurking within digital images:

But what if files could be hidden within the complex digital code of a photographic image? A family snapshot, for example, could contain secret information and even a trained eye wouldnt know the difference.

That ability to hide files within another file, called steganography, is here thanks to a number of software programs now on the market. The emerging science of detecting such files steganalysis is getting a boost from the Midwest Forensics Resource Center at the U.S. Department of Energys Ames Laboratory and a pair of Iowa State University researchers.

Ahh, “thanks to a number of software programs now on the market.” What about those programs from the early to mid-90s? Even if their detection system is truly groundbreaking, it’s just weird to see them playing up something that’s been around for a while as some new threat or “an emerging science.”

And he said unto them, let the chickens see.