Well, I meant to write up something on Monday or Tuesday, but I was dead on my feet. A zombie road warrior with work and deadlines and a craving for all-you-can-eat prime rib (and after getting your “money’s worth” of prime rib, you don’t really feel like doing anything but lie there and ponder the other horrors of the universe). Anyways, flew back from Kansas City last Friday night, got up early Saturday morning to drive from Ausitn to Dallas for the CAPE convention, drove back down to Austin Sunday morning, and then caught a 6:30am flight back to Kansas City on Monday. It was a damn lot of traveling. Was it worth it?


CAPE is one of those small comic book shows with tons of friendly attitude and lots of heart. A show that makes you feel even more excited to be part of the comics industry. Richard and his staff at Zeus Comics put on a great show, and I had a wonderful time talking to guests and fans alike. Met a lot of great people up there and had a small reunion with some old friends (Chris and Tom from Half-Ass Publishing and Kit Lively, who I first met at a convention many years ago). Forgot to bring up my box of Steampunk Faeries for my table there though, but it turned out well anyways… I had a full-issue preview of Task Force 1, which got a lot of people’s attention. Ended the day by heading out to dinner with a bunch of people from Gail Simone’s YABS messageboard (including Gail and her husband Scott) and then went to the CAPE art jam after that. The creativity in that room was truly inspiring, and I was actually so charged up from it when I got back to my hotel room, I cranked out a few scenes from my new screenplay before falling asleep.

As for CAPE 3 in 2007… I’ll be there, long drive and all. Count on it.

And it’s back to Austin tomorrow… that’s the life of a road warrior. Oddly enough, I’m kinda getting used to all this travel.