And here’s another walk down my “thought bucket” memory lane. Dead Messengers was an idea spawned from the phrase “don’t kill the messenger” and the fact that many story villains prove their evil disposition by killing off the person delivering bad news to them. People working in the villain’s organization have to know this and would probably be willing to part with a sizable chunk of their criminal cash to send someone else in their place to deliver bad news (Money does you little good when your dead… or does it? That’s an entirely different story.). Thus, the Dead Messengers service was born.

The service scrounges up people with suicidal tendencies but afraid to act on them because of a sense of responsibility to their families due to the suicide clauses in most insurance policies. But at “Dead Messengers”, you don’t have to worry about a thing… you give up crazy things like salary and benefits, but if you die in service, your family gets taken care of (all bills paid and comfortable living expenses). The only problem you might have to deal with is if (like the hero of our story) you find something to live for… and can’t get out of your contract.