Apparently. the time has come for studios to throw down in the fight for the expendable income rolling around in the pockets of all us sci-fi/fantasy/comic/video game geeks.

• Stan Lee. Disney. Sounds like it could be the makings of some crazy lawsuit. Oddly enough, it’s a partnership. The with the voice burned into the brains of many comic fans has set up a first look deal with Walt Disney Studios and his very own POW! Entertainment.

• Someone secured the film rights for the City of Heroes game. I remember when my wife, my friends and I first heard of this game. We came up with a crazy/fun idea for a theme-based team called, “The Scientists”. My wife wanted to play a flying, gravity manipulating character known as “Neuton”. One of my friends wanted to be “Tesla” with lightning powers. And I wanted invisibility with a character named “Schroedinger” (I also wanted to have a costume with cat ears). We later decided the team would work better as a group of villains. ^_^

• Warner Brothers snatched up the screen rights to Terry Brooks Shannara series. Almost every person I’ve played or discussed D&D (and many other role-playing games) with in the past has read books from this series.

• The WB also optioned one of those wordy screenplay thingies for a live action Thundercats movie. Hmmm, I remember Rachel McAdams mentioning she’d like to play Cheetara a couple years ago.

• Warner Brothers (again, damn they’ve been busy lately) released more details about the live action Speed Racer movie being done up by the Wachowski brothers (yeah, those Matrix guys).

• Even more Warner Brothers? Yep… along with Joel Silver. And Orson Scott Card’s Empire.

• And Spy Hunter has a director now. It’s the same gent that brought us the AvP movie. Not sure what to think about that yet.

The King of Kong. Ahhh… Donkey Kong. It’s not just for reminiscing about the old days or Futurama What-If Machine skits anymore.