So, the group behind National Novel Writing Month has a new insane venture that kicked off this month… Script Frenzy. The goal for this one is to write a screenplay in one month. Take a wild guess what I’m doing with my spare time this month.

And just how well is this writing endeavor proceeding? Well, I still have all my hair, and the hair turning white seems to be giving me a nice distinguished appearance. My fingers are still a far way from cramping up or blistering. I haven’t gotten to the point where I’m sacrificing sleep for this (so those close to me don’t have to deal with the cranky force of devastation known as tired Jeff just yet), but I do have over a dozen Diet Coke cans stacked up on my desk.

I’m also thinking of getting a sign for my home office that says, “Office of Solitude”. ^_^

Honestly though, I’m still in the fun portion of all this. Going through the process of discovery as the flurry of words breathes life into characters and places and events. Not debating on whether some cool thought comes to mind would actually work with the story or not… you get to toss it in and let that cool thought adrenaline drive you onward toward more cool thoughts and scenes.

In a week or so, I’ll hit that wall of “this movie makes no sense and completely, utterly sucks” that I’ll need to get over. Gotta remember it’s okay for this first draft to be crappy. It’s okay for there to be some clarity issues. It’s okay to have extraneous scenes. It’s okay for characters to spit out inconsistent voices in their dialogue. Hell, it’s okay for all the characters to wind up sounding like Barney Fife during this part of the process.

Well, it’s all okay as long as I keep writing.