With a gazillion different things on each planet, doesn’t it seem probable a hungry world-eater would run into a major food allergy sooner-or-later?

“This is galactic correspondent, Iffy Gotcha. I’m here today chatting with an anonymous world-eater about how to break into the planet chomping industry.

“Sir, can you tell us… wait… you don’t look so well.”

“It’s the purple helmet. Gives my complexion a funky appearance.”

“It’s not that. You’re sweating. And I think your lips are turning blue.”

“Oh… that. Yeah, I got a hold of some bad terrestrial matter on a planet I had for dinner the other night. I think it might have been polluted or something cause my stomach’s been doing flip-flops ever since. And I have heartburn something fierce.”

“I’m sure some other would-be world-eaters would like to know… is that a common occurrence when devouring planets?”

“Oh yeah. Happens every few planets or so. Mostly on the civilized ones. The only thing worse is when I get those little trees stuck in-between my teeth. They don’t exactly make floss in my size, so I have to cope until they work themselves out on their own.”

“Do you have any advice for the planet devouring public?”

“Sure… don’t eat the yellow planets.”