In case people didn’t know (since the DVD release seemed to have about as much marketing and hype as the original release of the movie), the Iron Giant Special Edition DVD was released November 16th (this past Tuesday). The special edition includes an alternate opening, eight additional scenes, and commentary/sequence analysis from director Brad Bird (also known for his work on that little movie, The Incredibles).

I’m very familiar with this Iron Giant movie…why? Because it was one of my son’s favorite movies when he was younger (back in the old days when we didn’t own a DVD player…ahhh, those days of playing and rewinding seem so far away). It was the very first movie that he asked to watch over and over…and over…and over. And I didn’t mind. It’s actually a movie you can enjoy over and over again (without slipping to the psychotic side, ripping out all your hair, giving yourself a whipped cream mohawk and doing bad Mr. T impersonations).

Now, it’s finally time to retire our VHS version and add this movie to our growing DVD collection.