According to Sci Fi Wire (which is reporting on a Variety story), it looks like things will finally start moving along for the film adaptation of Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta. The Wachowski brothers (Matrix) will produce the film, and an assistant director from the Matrix is in talks to direct it.

Still, this is Hollywood we’re talking about…the project could jet along into production or meander about for years (like it’s been doing), so I wouldn’t recommend any of the Alan Moore fans holding their breath waiting on this one (unless you’re one of those ultra-scary, borderline stalker fans–that rarely engages in acts of hygiene…you’re welcome to hold your breath all you want).

And for those people out there not quite old enough to remember the V mini-series mentioned in the title (gah! Where’s my damn cane?!)…you can read more about it (along with 146 reviews)